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Note that the software packages BigEye and the Lickmachine have become available for free.

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LiSa X LiSa X / LiSa 2.56
LiSa X for Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 and 10.5/10.6 running Rosetta. License also valid for LiSa 2.56 for Mac OS 8.x/9.x
$20.00 USD
junXion v4 junXion v5
Runs on OS X 10.5 and up (for earlier versions of OS X download junXion v4.1). Version 4 users can use their code to register version 5 - no upgrade necessary!
$75.00 USD
junXion v4 upgrade junXion v5 upgrade from junXion Lite
Note: a valid junXion Lite code should be put in the 'additional comments' box below or emailed to support[at]steim[dot]nl. Note: junXion v4 users can use their code to register junXion v5 - no upgrade necessary!
$60.00 USD

Cracklebox Cracklebox
The classic STEIM CrackleBox, originally conceived by Michel Waisvisz in the 1970's.
$60.00 USD
Crackle Circuit Kit Crackle Pack
Make your own touchable sound instruments and interactive electronics using this 3-PCB synth kit based on the original Cracklebox circuit.
$50.00 USD
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