ClueTrust is happy to provide a limited-time, fully-functional trial key for Cartographica for you to evaluate its features and interface. If you haven't had a chance to use it prior to purchasing, we encourage you to do so by proceeding to the Demo Keys portion of the MacGIS web site.

Cartographica Show Details $495.00 USD
The GIS for Macintosh. Cartographica is designed for people who need to work with geospatial data in to create maps, analyze data, convert between formats, and discover new information about your data and the world in which it lives.

Note that ClueTrust prices Cartographica in US Dollars. For your convenience, pricing may be shown in converted local currency, taking into account our costs to perform the conversion. If you prefer to pay in USD, use the currency selector at the top of the page or during check-out to change your currency. If you charge USD to a non-USD card, you will likely pay your provider for currency exchange fees.

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