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ShamanSong "ShamanSong" is a dreamlike odyssey/sonic landscape of lullabies, vocal winds, percussion, birds; "ROTHKO" is multiple layers of overtones and bowed pianos, inspired by Mark Rothko's late paintings; "Calligraphy II/Shadows", a graceful tone poem. $16.00 USD
73 Poems Joan La Barbara/Kenneth Goldsmith -- La Barbara’s multi-level, evocative, lyrical and engaging setting of Kenneth Goldsmith’s multi-layered poems, an exceptional marriage of the meaning and the sound of words, creating a subtly shifting, evolving tale. $16.00 USD
Only Morton Feldman: Works for Voice and Instruments -- A collection integrating voice within instrumental textures, and features the sheer, solitary beauty of the poignant title song. With San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and Ralph Grierson, piano. $16.00 USD
A Trail of Indeterminate Light "a trail of indeterminate light" is for solo cellist who sings. Vocal line weaves throughout the piece, forming parts of chords and singing lyrical lines. A special gem. $25.00 USD
Joan La Barbara Singing Through John Cage La Barbara’s selections in “Singing Through” feature both lyrical and quirky aspects of John Cage’s vocal writing, spanning 40 years, exploring his love of theatre and fascination with words and sounds of all sorts. $16.00 USD
Voice Piece: One-Note Internal Resonance Investigation La Barbara's seminal etude exploring the myriad timbres and colors produced by a single pitch placed in specific resonance areas in the head and throat, also exploring harmonics and multiphonics. Graphic and text score. $25.00 USD
Voice is the Original Instrument (2 CD Set) Joan La Barbara: Early Works -- A collection of La Barbara's important seminal works from the 70's, including etudes and experiments, explorations of extended vocal techniques, layered multi-track compositions, and performances using live electronics. $29.00 USD
Three Voices for Joan La Barbara Morton Feldman -- Feldman's landmark vocal tour-de force, "Three Voices" features the freshness and clarity of La Barbara's voice, cool icy chords, lyrical lines and the sudden appearance of fragments of Frank O'Hara's "Wind." $16.00 USD
Circular Song “Circular Song” is a graphic score with verbal instructions. Inspired by circular breathing techniques, this process piece indicates that the singer vocalizes the inhale as well as the exhale in a series of repeating patterns. $25.00 USD
In the shadow and act of the haunting place “in the shadow and act of the haunting place” mixes graphic and traditional notation, translating some of La Barbara's signature extended vocal techniques to other instruments, in a sound painting scored for voice and chamber ensemble. $25.00 USD
Sound Paintings Joan La Barbara -- La Barbara layers her extended techniques (multiphonics, overtone singing, glottal clicks), orchestrating her images and impressions of Paul Klee, Berlin, Miami, Ireland, shadows in the mind and athletes in action. $16.00 USD