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Show Details(SAM-ASU3) Amarra Symphony x.x to 3.0 Update Includes all the features and functionality of the Amarra Computer Music Player plus 2 seat activation, extra Full Sonic Mastering EQ, Sonic Meters AND full spectrum iRC, Impulse Response Correction functionality. Includes Amarra sQ. $789.00 USD
Show Details(SAM-AMAR) Amarra 3.0 Computer Music Player Amarra 3.0 Computer Music Player software includes all of the features of Amarra Hifi plus Amarra Playlist mode, DSD File support, CACHE playback, Sonic EQ and more. Includes Amarra sQ. $189.00 USD
Show Details(SAM-HIFI) Amarra Hifi Hifi is a true high-fidelity component designed to work with your Apple Macintosh computer and iTunes library. With support for up to 192k tracks and an easy upgrade path, Hifi is the player to hear music the way it was intended to be heard! $49.99 USD
Show Details(SAM-AMV) Amarra Vinyl v2.2 Based on the same technology used by archivists worldwide for digitizing analog sources, Amarra Vinyl provides mastering-level audio workflow for recording, metadata tagging, restoration and exporting of your albums into your iTunes Library. $289.00 USD
Show Details(ACS-AQS) Amarra QuickStart Let us help you get your Amarra environment up and running. You'll be listening to your music before you know it! $85.00 USD

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