The Full Collection This is the full CsoundForLive collection developed by Dr. Richard Boulanger and Colman O'Reilly. It contains all of the non-Developer 6 packs, as well as the two promotional Bonus packs. $55.00 USD
GiorgioZucco Volume1 The first 6pack from Italian Master Csounder, Giorgio Zucco. You need this. $7.50 USD
GiorgioZucco Volume2 The second 6pack from Italian Master Csounder, Giorgio Zucco. $7.50 USD
Granular Playable virtual synthesizers. Soundfile Processors. Granular synthesis of your audio stream in real time. All of the clarity of Csound quality granular synthesis without needing to write a single line of code. $7.50 USD
Guitar Effects Csound Stompboxes. From different types of Waveshaping based distortion to giving you full control over musical aliasing to full stereo ring modulation - classic effects given the Csound twist. $7.50 USD
Physical Models Ever wonder what a violin might sound like with super human pressure from the bow? Or wanted a clarinet player to have the breath sustain of an oxygen tank? So did we. $7.50 USD
Takahiko Tsuchiya: Table Morphing An impressive pack both visually and sonically from Takahiko Tsuchiya. Wavetable morphing with the clarity of csound and the interface clarity that only could come from Max/MSP (Max For Live). $7.50 USD
The Csound Catalog A collection of ~5000 Csound files (in .orc and .sco format - which is easily converted in CsoundQT to .CSD). 100% of proceeds (after handling) go to supporting Csounds.com $25.00 USD
Filters Don't let the 6pack title fool you - we've crammed 24 different filters into 6 powerful modules. From Moog to Butterworth, this is the Baskin-Robbins of filter flavors. $7.50 USD
Synth Techniques Playable virtual synthesizers that range from classic Additive synthesis to the dynamic and evolving textures of WaveTerrain Synthesis. A keyboard sound design arsenal. $7.50 USD
Spectral The ultimate sound design pack. Real time phase vocoding based spectral processing. Hold the frequency domain in one hand, the time domain in the other, and you decide how they interact. $7.50 USD
JohnClements&TakahikoTsuchiya: Samplers This is a complex and intelligent set of samplers ranging from sound font players to phase vocoding based samplers that let you instantly turn any audio clip into a playable keyboard (without speeding up the duration of your file at higher pitches). $7.50 USD
MonoSynths Some of the best virtual instruments in the CsoundForLive collection converted to capture the real time performance ability of traditional monophonic synthesizers. $7.50 USD
Reverbs and Delays Transition from tempo locked delay durations by touching a MIDI control or manipulate the stereo field with world class reverbs that have independent depth control for each channel. This is power in the time domain. $7.50 USD
Matthew Hines: ORGANic A collaboration from Berklee trained synthesist and keyboardist Matthew Hines and CsoundForLive Lead Developer Colman O'Reilly. This pack covers a wide range - from a virtual organ from the mind of an organist to extreme spectral processing. $7.50 USD

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