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Spell Catcher X 10.4 Upgrade

(Eligible "X102" License Code Required)

If you don't already own a license for Spell Catcher X, and are looking to purchase the product, visit our Mac OS X products page.

License Codes Beginning With "SCX" Cannot be Upgraded Here!
If you only have a Spell Catcher X license code that begins with the letters "SCX", visit this online store page.

If you have a site license, or own many "X102" licenses you would like to upgrade, please contact us directly at our Site Licenses e-mail address. We can arrange a multiple license upgrade that will take less time than upgrading each license separately.

Is Your "X102" License Code and Exact Name on License Already Filled-In?

If you arrived here by choosing to purchase this upgrade from within the Spell Catcher application, or via the eligibility check on our web site, Your "X102" License Code and Exact Name on License should be automatically filled-in. If both fields are correctly filled-in, click the Add to cart button to proceed.

License Code and Name Not Already Filled-In? This Upgrade May Be Free For You!

If Your "X102" License Code or Exact Name on License are not filled-in below, and you have not yet checked your eligibility for this upgrade, please visit our web site and check the eligibility of your "X102" license before proceeding. You may be eligible for a free upgrade!



Purchasing this upgrade does not change your "X102" license code, only its ability to be used with Spell Catcher X 10.4. Typically, all you need to do is Refresh your existing license key after your purchase is processed successfully.

The name and email address used to make this purchase may be different from those associated with this license code. An email with full information for the above license, along with instructions for licensing your Spell Catcher X 10.4 installation, will be sent to both email addresses, if they are different.

If you would like to change the email address associated with your license after purchasing this upgrade, you can submit a request from the Lost Licenses form on our website.

Spell Catcher X 10.4 Upgrade USD$14.95

If, after clicking "Add to cart" you see a page that asks you to "Please enter the requested keyword data", then you've not supplied all of the required fields above. A license beginning with "X102" must be supplied for this order to be properly processed, along with the exact name associated with that license.

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