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Los libros Mamut Matemáticas



Math Mammoth Blue Series books

Math Mammoth Blue Series books are worktexts for grades 1-7. Click here to read more information and see sample lessons of the Blue Series books.

They are also available in Spanish versions.

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Blue Series discounted bundle deals:

Product Name Price Qty.
Math Mammoth Blue Series download
(Contains all the books from the Blue Series)
Math Mammoth Blue Series CD
(Contains all the books from the Blue Series)
Mamut Matematicas Serie azul
(a matching set to the Blue Series books in Spanish)
Math Mammoth Blue Series Grades 1-3 download
(contains 21 books from the Blue Series)
Math Mammoth Blue Series grades 4-7 download
(contains 24 books from the Blue Series)

See more discounted bundle deals here

-- OR individual books from the Blue Series --
Product Name Price Qty.
Addition 1 $3.95
Subtraction 1
Add & Subtract 2-A
(basic facts within 0-18)
Add & Subtract 2-B
(mentally and in columns within 0-100)
Add & Subtract 3
(mentally and in columns within 0-1000)
Add & Subtract 4
(addition and subtraction terminology & strategies, problem solving, applications)
Place Value 1
(Place value 0-100)
Place Value 2
(Place value 0-1000)
Place Value 3
Place Value 4
(ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions)
Place Value 5
(billions, trillions, scientific notation, rounding, calculator usage)
(telling time)
US Money
(for grades 1-3)
Canadian Money
(Canadian coins and bills, making change, word problems)
British Money
(British coins and bills, making change, word problems)
European Money
(Euro coins and bills, making change, word problems)
Australian Money
(Australian coins and bills, making change, word problems)
New Zealand Money
(New Zealand coins and bills, making change, word problems)
South African Money
(nearly identical with the US Money book except for using South African rand and cents)
Measuring 1
(for grades 1-3; includes customary and metric units)
Measuring 2
(for grades 4-5; includes customary and metric units)
Metric Measuring
(for grades 1-5; includes content from the two books listed above that pertains to metric units)
Data and Graphs
(for grades 2-5; reading and making various graphs, such as bar graphs, line graphs, pictograms, histograms, and circle graphs; mean, mode)
Multiplication 1
(Multiplication concept & the times tables)
Division 1
(Division concept and its connection to multiplication)
Multiplication 2
(Multi-digit multiplication, problem solving)
Division 2
(Long division, average, problem solving)
Multiplication-Division 3
(Multiplying and dividing within 0-10000, divisibility, factoring)
Early Geometry
(for grades 1-3)
Geometry 1
(For grades 4-5: angles, triangles, parallelogram, circle, symmetry, area)
Geometry 2
(For grades 6-7: Area and volume of common shapes)
Geometry 3
(For grades 6-7: Angle relationships, similar figures, congruent transformations, constructions)
Introduction to Fractions
(Fractions, mixed numbers, adding and subtracting like fractions, comparing, part of a whole with visual problems)
Fractions 1
(Fractions and mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, addition and subtraction of like fractions, unlike fractions, and mixed numbers)
Fractions 2
(Comparing fractions, simplifying, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers)
Decimals 1
(Tenths, hundredths, adding, subtracting, multiplying by whole number, comparing)
Decimals 2
(all of decimal arithmetic with decimals that have tenths, hundredths, and thousandths)
Fractions & Decimals 3
(all of fraction and decimal arithmetic for 6th grade level)
The Four Operations (with a Touch of Algebra)
(using all four operations with whole numbers, simple equations, expressions, graphing simple functions)
Ratios, Proportions, and Problem Solving
(ratios, proportions, scaling geometric figures, floor plans, problem solving with the help of bar diagrams)
(percent, percentage of number, discounts, sales tax, circle graphs, percent of change, percent of comparison)
Statistics & Probability
(stem-and-leaf plots, boxplots, understanding distributions, measures of center and variation, random sampling, comparing populations, simple and compound probability)
Expressions & Equations
(beginning algebra topics, without using negative numbers)
(integers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, coordinate grid problems)
Rational Numbers
(arithmetic with negative decimals and fractions)
Linear Equations
(solving one-step, two-step, and multi-step linear equations; includes the usage of negative numbers)

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