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MacOSXSpell Catcher X for Mac OS X for Mac OS X 10.2 up to Mac OS X 10.7.x.

Spell Catcher X is not updated for Mountain Lion 10.8.x and NOT UPDATED for Mac OS 10.9.x. Mavericks or Mac OS 10.10.x Yosemite. Spell Catcher Licenses are not currently being sold. If you are using Mac Lion and previous and need to update your license please contact support@rainmakerinc.com Licenses are sent by e-mail, and contain instructions for downloading the software. Note that it can take up to four hours to receive this e-mail. Typically, it takes about 30-45 minutes.

What's the difference between Spell Catcher X and Spell Catcher X Lite?
SCX Logofor Mac OS X 10.2 up to Mac OS X 10.7.x.
Please contact support@rainmakerinc.com for additional Languages for Spell Catcher X. Languages are not currently being sold.

Single User License

A Spell Catcher single user license entitles you and your family members to run that version of Spell Catcher (X, Plus, or 8) on up to four of your household, personally-owned computers. If you are purchasing for business or corporate use, or for multiple concurrent users (such as in a lab or office environment), you must purchase a single user license for each computer, workstation or user. Please contact our sales department if you have questions about how many licenses you need, or to inquire about volume pricing or site licensing.

Having trouble? Call (510) 658-5244, Monday thru Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. (Store Code: XYS_LIVE)

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